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Salt Lake City Heating Services

Whether it’s repairs, replacement or maintenance Zephyr Heating and Cooling has you covered. When your heating stops working in the middle of winter it doesn’t take long for the temperature in your home to drop. Having a yearly maintenance and safety inspection can assure your furnace or heat pump is operating both safely and efficiently. Not to mention if you have an older furnace or heat pump, it’s important to have a trained and certified technician regularly monitor the condition of your furnace or heat pump to lower the chances of getting caught off guard by an unexpected breakdown. With Zephyr Heating and Cooling we make it easy to compare your options to help you decide whether making a repair or replacement might be best for you.

Salt Lake City AC Services

Get your Salt Lake City Air Conditioning repaired, replaced or maintained with Zephyr Heating and Cooling and keep your home and your family comfortable. For many homeowners Air conditioning can be an afterthought until it stops working. Don’t let your HVAC system catch you off guard. Set up a maintenance with Zephyr today so you can Prevent unexpected Repairs of your Salt Lake City Air Conditioning system. If your Salt Lake City Air conditioning is not running, give us a call or set up an appointment to have one of our licensed, highly trained HVAC technicians diagnose your issue to get your Air Conditioning back up and running. At Zephyr Heating and Cooling we diagnose the entire system to ensure that you as the homeowner are equipped with all the information you need to make informed decisions with your Salt Lake City HVAC system. Get your home in Salt Lake City cooling today!

Salt Lake City Indoor Air Quality

It’s no secret the Air quality in Salt Lake City can sometimes be less than ideal, but have you ever considered the Air quality in your home? The quality of Air that we breathe can be a large factor in our health and quality of life. In the past 70 or so years new construction homes have been required to be built increasingly more Air tight. This in turn traps the many different Air contaminants in your home that may have negative health effects. On top of that According to surveys the amount of time spent indoors for the average person is nearly 70%. The good news is, there are now many solutions for improving the Indoor Air quality of your home. Schedule today to see how we can improve the Indoor Air Quality in your Salt Lake City home.

Salt Lake City Maintenance

Maintaining your HVAC system can drastically increase the life of your system and the quality of comfort it provides you. By having your system properly maintained you can prevent system component failures and also catch small issues with your system before they become bigger issues. Keep your home comfortable and your family safe by scheduling a Maintenance, or signing up for one of our maintenance plans today!